Specializing in Bathroom Design and Renovation


IWillConstruct is an experienced company that specialises in bathroom design, renovation and build services in Wellington and the surrounding areas. We only work with skilled and licensed professional tilers and builders, and we are licensed by the Department of Building and Housing.

IWillConstruct provides a variety of services, including but not limited to weathertightness, residential tiling, building, renovation and any other services related to the overall structure of a residential building. One of our core specialties is the building and tiling of bathrooms. A stylish and professionally renovated bathroom can add value and style to any apartment or house and when you choose IWillConstruct you know you are getting a quality and value for money service.

Bathroom Design Wellington

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, this is why it is often the first thing homeowners decide to improve by renovating. You can always count on the professional and licensed builders at IWillConstruct to offer timely and high-quality bathroom design and renovation services in Wellington, at a competitive price. Whether you want to replace the old tiling in your bathroom, to fix the plumbing, to replace your old bathtub or to fix or upgrade your faucet, you can have the work done quickly and with minimal effort or disruption.

Building Renovations Wellington

Full home renovation is a massive project that must be carried out by competent professionals. At IWillConstruct, we offer a wide array of building and renovation services designed to improve the appearance of your home, ranging all the way from basic paint jobs and electrical repairs to carpentry work, layout changes, installing or replacing old insulation and attic or garage conversions for those who need extra space. Remedial repairs are also offered at highly affordable prices!

Home Tiling Wellington

At IWillConstruct we work with professional tilers who have in-depth experience in both indoor and outdoor tiling solutions. If you need a tiler to install your underfloor heating system or to waterproof your home then we have the specialists on hand to help. Our professional tilers work with a variety of different tile materials, ranging from stone and ceramic to marble, so no matter if you want to change the tiling for your fireplace, kitchen, bathroom or laundry, you can always count on IWillConstruct to provide a high quality service.

At IWillConstruct we are focused on high-quality services at affordable prices, and we pride ourselves on the great communication we facilitate between the contractor and the client. In addition to our building and tiling services we also provide property maintenance services, such as basic home repairs, carpentry and other similar services. Contact us today for a free quote or for a comprehensive list of all the services we provide just visit our website: iwillconstruct.co.nz.

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Things To Keep In Mind When Renovating Your Bathroom


There is no doubt that the bathroom is one of the most utilized rooms in the house. Therefore, homeowners need to consider to have bathroom renovation in Wellington. While bathroom renovations can be an exciting and rewarding experience, it can sometimes be frustrating.

To evade the frustrations that can result from it, use the tips listed below and you will enjoy a relaxing bath in a newly renovated bathroom in no time.

1) Focus on visible things

Focus your remodeling exercise on visible things and also on those things that you can do by yourself. Begin by surveying your bathroom so you can write down all the things that need replacement or repair. If there are things you can do by yourself then you should do so as this will help you save a great deal of money.

Electrical and plumbing are a lot more complex. They should be done by professionals as things can go wrong. It is advised to make major bathroom renovations only if they are indispensable.

2) Renovate the fixtures

Bathtubs, sinks, showers and toilets are the primary fixtures in any bathroom and they can enhance the bathroom’s appearance. Pedestal sinks will go a long way to creating that classic design, while cabinet vanity sinks are useful for storage but less elegant. The continuity of these fixtures is of utmost importance as well, and most bathroom suppliers offer matching groups of fixtures.

If you want to give your bathroom a stylish look without breaking the bank, go for floor models or slightly dented units as they available at discounted prices.

3) Bathroom cabinets

The right bathroom cabinets will go a long way in giving your bathroom valuable additional storage. Bathroom cabinets can either be replaced or repaired. If you decide to repair your cabinets, use the saw to cut away the damaged areas, then cut a replacement piece and attach it with glue.

Sand the repair using fine sandpaper and then paint to match the original. If you are dealing with a deep gouge, clean the damaged area then fill it with a wood repair kit. Leave to dry, then sand and paint to match.

4) Remodel the walls

The walls of the bathroom can either be painted with water proof paint or tiled. If you decide to paint your bathroom with lighter shades you can actually make your bathroom look larger than it already is. The only drawback is that you may have to get your walls repainted after a few years.

Tiles are excellent choices for bathroom walls as they are tough and come in a variety of designs and styles. The main benefit of fitting tiles is that they won’t need to be repaired for the next decade.

Bathroom renovations can enhance the overall appearance of your home. However, this remodeling exercise can be time consuming and stressful. For the ultimate peace of mind, seek the services of iWILLCONSTRUCT in Wellington for all types of bathroom renovations. Visit www.iwillconstruct.co.nz to find out more about their remodeling services.

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Iwillconstruct – Your Complete Renovation Partner


Your home is more than a shelter for you and your family, it is a private space for you live out your life. Your home is a reflection of your life philosophy and reveals a very clear picture of your priorities. At iwillconstruct, we believe that everybody has the right to live in a home that is elegant and aesthetically inspiring and you don’t have to be a millionaire to get it. Our key services include bathroom renovations, residential building designs, and tiling. We do all our work to a high standard and at an unbeatable price.

Will – The Driving Force

Will spearheads the iwillconstruct movement and he is the best at what he does because he is passionate about it. With an abundance of experience behind him in the building and tiling sector, he undertakes all kinds of bathroom design in Wellington, construction, and renovation projects. If you have been thinking about renovating your bathroom and upgrade your accessories, Will is the guy to meet.

Comprehensive Solutions at an Affordable Rate

Most people who are looking to give their bathroom a makeover keep postponing it fearing the costs associated with it. However, what you end up doing is raising the cost of renovation with the passage of time. With iwillconstruct at your side, you don’t have to worry about burdening costs that tie you down.

All our services are extremely affordable and yet uncompromised in terms of style and professional finish. We can either work towards creating your vision through a labour only contract or we can manage the whole project completely from start to finish, taking the stress and hassle off your shoulders.

Overall Excellence

The clear advantage about hiring iwillsonctruct is that there is no scope for mismanagement of the project since the lion share of the work is implemented by Will himself. From the design and build, to adding the finishing touches, Will is a force that is great to have on your side.

What We Can Help You With

You can seek our consultation services for your bathroom renovation or tiling work or seek our services as a qualified licensed builder. We undertake all kinds of council regulation projects that require consent.

Visit our website at www.iwillconstruct.co.nz, for inspirational design and layout ideas and to find out more about the installation of underfloor heating systems, and our certified waterproofing solutions. We also undertake electrical and plumbing projects, painting, decorating, and shower screen installation jobs.

At iwillsonctruct you are at the top of our priority list and we work hard to exceed your expectations on every project. So why wait?  Give your home brand new look that doesn’t break the bank now.

Contact our friendly team at iwillconstruct to make a booking!

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Bathroom Designs Wellington – Things You Need to Know


If you love living in Wellington but your house is looking dated don’t worry, you don’t have to move house. Why not consider home renovations? One of the most affordable rooms to renovate is your bathroom and once you do you will instantly make your house come to life and increase the value of your home. If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom why don’t you contact the team at I Will Construct for a free quote on bathroom design and installation for your Wellington home.

Bathroom Design in Wellington – Things to Know

Even the smallest error in a wall, floor or bath tile can lead to huge damage in the long run. Just one mispositioned tile and the whole design is thrown into chaos. What’s even worse is having to fix a poorly done tiling job. This is a very time consuming and expensive task, especially if water has seeped through the walls and has reached the foundation of your house.

Hence, the importance of hiring the best bathroom tilers cannot be overstated. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend your precious time looking online for tiling contractors. I Will Construct is at your service with the best bathroom tiling and remodeling services in the whole Wellington area.

We are one of the most well renowned home and bathroom renovation specialists in Wellington and the surrounding area. We are licensed with the Department of Building and Housing so we can carry out essential work to residential buildings and constructions.

We specialise in residential building projects, bathroom renovations and tiling. We offer renovations and upgrades, together with carpentry and decking services. We also offer both indoor and exterior bathroom tiling.

You might wonder why we are better than the competition. Things are quite simple and straightforward – we meet the basic needs of our customers while exceeding their wildest expectations.

Here is why you should choose I Will Construct as your bathroom tiling remodeler in Wellington.

1. Expertise

Whether it’s through word of mouth or internet marketing, a professional contractor that gets the job done in a timely manner and cleanly will always be perceived as the best in what he does. Many people who were satisfied with our services were eager to promote our company to their colleagues, relatives and friends. This is how I Will Construct has made a name for itself as the best bathroom tiling contractor in the Wellington area.

2. Quality of Work

Another thing you need to look for when choosing a tiling contractor is the quality of work. All of our previous projects have been completed on time and to a high standard. Just visit our website at iwillconstruct.co.nz to see some of our recent work.

3. Certification

The fact that we are certified with the Department of Building and Housing and we have all the licenses required to carry out specialised work makes us the best choice in terms of bathroom design contractors in Wellington.

Whether you want to give your bathroom a whole new look or you have just moved into your new house and want to make your mark on it, contact us at www.iwillconstruct.co.nz to get a free quote on the best tiling services in Wellington.

Contact our friendly team at iwillconstruct to make a booking!

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Affordable Home Renovations


If you are thinking of renovating your home, in an affordable manner, you should think of working with Iwillconstruct. Whether you want to renovate your entire home or just a single room or the bathroom, the experts will make sure you get the best services. The company specialises in residential building, bathroom renovation and tiling services. They offer their services to residents in Wellington and its surroundings.

The company’s owner, Will, is a trained and qualified builder. Will is passionate about what he does and his services are geared towards offering the best designs and layout for your bathroom and other areas of your house. With his qualifications and the experience he has, you can work on a design from scratch and watch as the company transforms your dreams into reality.

The company does Wellington bathroom renovation services are designed in such a way to cater for the needs of clients with various needs. The professionals can install new bathroom fixtures or repair old existing ones. As the client, you get to choose whether to get a project manager to supervise the project. Alternatively, you can do the managing and let the experts do the job.

When you work with a project manager, they will oversee the whole project from the design to the layout and the actual renovating work. The services offered in renovating your bathroom include underfloor heating installation, waterproof application, plumbing, tiling and decoration. They also offer painting services and they can help you accessorise your bathroom.

The building experts also offer building services ranging from renovations to property maintenance and upgrade services. Whether your project is large or small, the experts will help you manage the work and enjoy their complete building package. The package includes electrical services, painting, carpentry and other improvements. They can also do upgrades and conversions to your garage, attic and storage facilities.

The building services offered at Iwillconstruct include redesigning your living area and kitchen area. They can work with you to change the layout of your rooms too. Their carpentry services, on the other hand, include creating wardrobes and other wall fittings in the bedroom. They also do cladding, timber flooring and window installation. The professionals can also install French doors and repair the existing ones.

Iwillconstruct also has expertise in home and bathroom tiling solutions. They provide both exterior and interior tiling solutions for homeowners who are looking for ways of transforming the look of their homes. Their tiling services include floor levelling, framing, waterproofing and carpentry.

When choosing tiling alternatives for your home, you get to choose from various tile designs and colours. There are ceramic tiles, marble, feature tiling and stone tiles to choose from. The colour and design could vary on the interior and exterior of the house. Apart from tiling the floor, they can also tile the fireplace.

If you would like to take advantage of these and many other services, contact the experts at www.iwillconstruct.co.nz. Not only do they offer affordable home renovation solutions but they are also experienced builders in the industry.

Contact our friendly team at iwillconstruct to make a booking!

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Home Renovations that are Affordable for You



Iwillconstruct is a great Company based in Wellington, New Zealand that specialises in bathroom designing and renovation, residential tiling as well as building. We provide our great services to all Wellington areas and the rest of New Zealand with competitive and reasonable pricing. Our skilled bathroom designing experts will work with your ideas to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our services.

If your bathroom needs either renovation or designing, we are well equipped to offer you appropriate services while keeping you updated on everything through the entire process. Our company is fully licensed and insured and therefore clients can be sure of competent and quality services.


Our highly skilled and experienced experts are passionate and motivated to offer you the best kind of bathroom renovation and designing services and passionate about what he does. Their expertise in building and tiling will definitely result in a finishing that is professional and fresh.

Moreover, our entire team is licensed and insured to carry out your building, tilling, designing and renovation needs with great competence. Good communication between our clients and our experts and customer satisfaction are among our biggest priorities and choosing us will ensure you of both.


Iwillconstruct offers a wide range of services of designing and renovation of bathrooms at high standards to fit client’s’ budget and to also repair and upgrade old bathrooms. Our team may manage your project to completion or allow you to manage and choose any aspect you require if you prefer the labour only contract. Iwillconstruct offers professional guidance and the following services in designing or renovating you bathroom:

· We provide designing and layout ideas.

· Installation of Under-floor heating.

· We offer waterproof application that is certified

· Plumbing and Electrical services Decoration and Painting services

· Tiling and building

· Installation of shower screens

· Qualified licensed Expertise which ensures safety of your property


It is vital for clients to be knowledgeable about the considerations to make before renovating, flooring or tiling since it is one of the major renovation segments in the bathroom. It needs to fit with the home’s value, neighbourhood standards and architectural style. Some of the considerations are;

1. Budget

Your project should fit your personal budget. The budget should be reasonable. Allow our experts to give you the best advice on the budget options to help you make appropriate choices.

2. Durability

Iwillconstruct ensures you quality services as well as quality materials for the designing and renovation of your bathroom. Clients should ensure that the material used in carrying out their project such as tiles and shower screens are of high quality and are durable. We assure all our clients of efficient and effective services which will ensure durability of the products used in your bathroom project

3. Trends

We are a Company that is well updated with the latest trends in bathroom design in Wellington. We will add a fashionable theme to your home with our upgrade services and you will surely not regret.


It does not matter what your budget is or what your ideas are. Anyone in Wellington, or anywhere in New Zealand that requires any kind of bathroom designing and renovation services, should not hesitate to contact Iwillconstruct via email on our main website.

You may also call our helpline (022 658 6340) and have one of our customer care experts listen to your needs with prompt response. Choose Iwillconstruct and you will be guaranteed of the best bathroom renovation and designing services.

Contact our friendly team at iwillconstruct to make a booking!

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Outdoor Renovations That Can Add Value to Your Home


The desire to restore your house can be itching and with it comes the need for significant investment. More often than not, the aim is to boost the value of your property. While renovation at its best will rarely get 100% of one’s investment, it surely boosts your home’s value.

Experts agree that the main “pieces” that must be addressed for a home to gain value are the roof, windows, kitchen, and bathroom, ideally with unique materials and more especially in New Zealand where homes are considered a valuable investment. Conventionally, people are willing to pay more for a property that has been renovated with professionalism. The renovation is the ideal solution to increase the value of your home. Almost all owners know that improvements made to their home also adds much value now than later when the time comes to sell.

However, the exterior plays an important role in determining home value. One important exterior determinant is the deck. Understanding the importance of the deck in the determination of home value, deck builder Porirua not only have a team of expert builders but also advisors that help choose the best of designs.

The deck offers an opportunity for an outdoor extension that is highly appealing to homebuyers, in addition to offering a larger space for cooling off the summer days, more especially in Porirua where the summer weathers can be extreme. It is important not to neglect the deck in renovating your home.

Alongside the roof and windows, it is essential to maintain the deck. A quality deck as Deck Builder Porirua will tell you, is an investment that pays a lot. It is a safe bet that the property would find a taker faster than another whose windows are shabby. The choice of materials does matters if house heating conditions are to be favourable to inhabitants not just in terms of efficiency but also financially.
However, the key is whether recent and quality. As a matter of fact, deck renovation is a safe bet that the property would find a taker faster than another whose deck is shabby. The choice of materials does not really impact a lot, wood, PVC or aluminium, the key is whether recent and quality.

The bathroom is the other piece that is most scrutinized by buyers. Cash spent to revamp these two parts, will most likely give a return. Once can expect to recoup a large portion of bathroom renovation costs from the house sale. Bathroom Builder Porirua has experts for this.

More often than not, other than the exteriors, the bathroom is an important consideration for any buyer. A shabby bathroom will not doubt scare buyers and largely diminish the value of the home. The bathroom materials should be pretty good. As a matter of fact, many experts, including bathroom builders Porirua will tell you that a major renovation of the bathroom is the best choice for a renovation.

At iwillconstruct.co.nz, experts have all forms of renovations covered. As a matter of fact, our experienced team will guide you through the innovations that will guarantee maximum returns. The question then is, why to wait longer, if your live in Porirua, New Zealand, make a call now and book your renovation with the best, not just the best deck builder Porirua but one that will propose changes that will greatly enhance your home quality.

For more information, kindly contact us at contact us at www.iwillconstruct.co.nz.

Contact our friendly team at iwillconstruct to make a booking!