Bathroom Designs Wellington – Things You Need to Know


If you love living in Wellington but your house is looking dated don’t worry, you don’t have to move house. Why not consider home renovations? One of the most affordable rooms to renovate is your bathroom and once you do you will instantly make your house come to life and increase the value of your home. If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom why don’t you contact the team at I Will Construct for a free quote on bathroom design and installation for your Wellington home.

Bathroom Design in Wellington – Things to Know

Even the smallest error in a wall, floor or bath tile can lead to huge damage in the long run. Just one mispositioned tile and the whole design is thrown into chaos. What’s even worse is having to fix a poorly done tiling job. This is a very time consuming and expensive task, especially if water has seeped through the walls and has reached the foundation of your house.

Hence, the importance of hiring the best bathroom tilers cannot be overstated. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend your precious time looking online for tiling contractors. I Will Construct is at your service with the best bathroom tiling and remodeling services in the whole Wellington area.

We are one of the most well renowned home and bathroom renovation specialists in Wellington and the surrounding area. We are licensed with the Department of Building and Housing so we can carry out essential work to residential buildings and constructions.

We specialise in residential building projects, bathroom renovations and tiling. We offer renovations and upgrades, together with carpentry and decking services. We also offer both indoor and exterior bathroom tiling.

You might wonder why we are better than the competition. Things are quite simple and straightforward – we meet the basic needs of our customers while exceeding their wildest expectations.

Here is why you should choose I Will Construct as your bathroom tiling remodeler in Wellington.

1. Expertise

Whether it’s through word of mouth or internet marketing, a professional contractor that gets the job done in a timely manner and cleanly will always be perceived as the best in what he does. Many people who were satisfied with our services were eager to promote our company to their colleagues, relatives and friends. This is how I Will Construct has made a name for itself as the best bathroom tiling contractor in the Wellington area.

2. Quality of Work

Another thing you need to look for when choosing a tiling contractor is the quality of work. All of our previous projects have been completed on time and to a high standard. Just visit our website at to see some of our recent work.

3. Certification

The fact that we are certified with the Department of Building and Housing and we have all the licenses required to carry out specialised work makes us the best choice in terms of bathroom design contractors in Wellington.

Whether you want to give your bathroom a whole new look or you have just moved into your new house and want to make your mark on it, contact us at to get a free quote on the best tiling services in Wellington.

Contact our friendly team at iwillconstruct to make a booking!

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