Specializing in Bathroom Design and Renovation


IWillConstruct is an experienced company that specialises in bathroom design, renovation and build services in Wellington and the surrounding areas. We only work with skilled and licensed professional tilers and builders, and we are licensed by the Department of Building and Housing.

IWillConstruct provides a variety of services, including but not limited to weathertightness, residential tiling, building, renovation and any other services related to the overall structure of a residential building. One of our core specialties is the building and tiling of bathrooms. A stylish and professionally renovated bathroom can add value and style to any apartment or house and when you choose IWillConstruct you know you are getting a quality and value for money service.

Bathroom Design Wellington

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, this is why it is often the first thing homeowners decide to improve by renovating. You can always count on the professional and licensed builders at IWillConstruct to offer timely and high-quality bathroom design and renovation services in Wellington, at a competitive price. Whether you want to replace the old tiling in your bathroom, to fix the plumbing, to replace your old bathtub or to fix or upgrade your faucet, you can have the work done quickly and with minimal effort or disruption.

Building Renovations Wellington

Full home renovation is a massive project that must be carried out by competent professionals. At IWillConstruct, we offer a wide array of building and renovation services designed to improve the appearance of your home, ranging all the way from basic paint jobs and electrical repairs to carpentry work, layout changes, installing or replacing old insulation and attic or garage conversions for those who need extra space. Remedial repairs are also offered at highly affordable prices!

Home Tiling Wellington

At IWillConstruct we work with professional tilers who have in-depth experience in both indoor and outdoor tiling solutions. If you need a tiler to install your underfloor heating system or to waterproof your home then we have the specialists on hand to help. Our professional tilers work with a variety of different tile materials, ranging from stone and ceramic to marble, so no matter if you want to change the tiling for your fireplace, kitchen, bathroom or laundry, you can always count on IWillConstruct to provide a high quality service.

At IWillConstruct we are focused on high-quality services at affordable prices, and we pride ourselves on the great communication we facilitate between the contractor and the client. In addition to our building and tiling services we also provide property maintenance services, such as basic home repairs, carpentry and other similar services. Contact us today for a free quote or for a comprehensive list of all the services we provide just visit our website: iwillconstruct.co.nz.

Contact our friendly team at iwillconstruct to make a booking!

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